Aroma Clear Purete - Inflammation Skin
Aroma Clear Purete takes care of the beauty of oily skin that shows imperfections, an uneven skin texture, inflamed skin and open and blocked pores. The treatment uses 100% natural & organic formulation with the application of a charcoal mask, that contains three types of clay, which absorbs excess sebum, removes impurities, unclogs pores, and reduces the appearance of blemishes. The essential oils in the cream applied at the end of the treatment diffuse their beneficial and valuable ingredients to normalise the skin, and ensure hydration for a perfect matte effect. Real treasures of Nature and so valuable for beauty, their outstanding efficiency is due to their complex composition, containing hundreds of powerful molecules. The Skin is clear, the pores are tightened and imperfections are reduced.

Benefits of Aroma Clear Purete - Inflammation Skin
• 100% natural & organic formulation
• Tightened pores (Spider Veins)
• Improvement in skin texture
• Skin are less oily

Duration: 120mins