An Open Letter from Us

The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed had a colossal impact on almost every industry in Singapore. Whether that be unprecedented pressure on the health services, start-ups having to very sadly pull their shutters or supermarkets experiencing a crazy mad rush of Singaporeans stocking up on essentials (*ehem* toilet papers), it follows that the beauty and wellness industry is also on the detrimental fronts of the crisis’s effect.

For an industry that cares second-most about health and wellness (our health sector is definitely the first), we prioritise hygiene above anything else. When the beauty service sector was cut, there weren’t many things small businesses like us could do to keep up with the change, especially for those with limited resources. This is because unlike retail businesses, we cannot offer our facial and hair removal services online and that is the largest portion of what we live on in the beauty service sector. 

Besides the fact that beauty services were not in operation, what we cared about was also the well-being of our customers. Ultimately, what is deemed “essential” in a time of crisis can be subjective. While we recognise that fulfilling beauty needs may not be of utmost priority for some, but for most of our customers, it relates us to being a provider of your mental wellbeing. Mental wellness looks different for different people, for example, a monthly facial or doing your nails can fall under self-care. Mental wellness can help people persevere and go through this difficult time. We were concerned.

How we adapted to the change

Because we were concerned, we evolved with the change and grew with it. Even though we couldn’t operate physically, we decided to take this opportunity to seek areas of improvement in Ceramique Aesthetics. From revamping our website to create a more enhanced user experience, holding Facebook live Q&A sessions to maintain our connection with customers and virtual skin consultations, to curating Do-It-Yourself facial kits for you to still have your self-care session at home, we had it all thought and planned out. Change is inevitable but is necessary. 

Post Covid-19 Operations

Covid-19 has disrupted industry norms, but it has also allowed everybody to take hygiene even more seriously. With the opening of Phase 2, these are the following safety measures we have taken against the pandemic. 

See you in our stores, and remember to keep a lookout here in this space. We’ll be covering anything beauty related— Trends, How To, Hacks, you name it, we have it.


With love,

Ceramique Aesthetics


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