Omega 2 in 1 Back Treatment
Omega 2 in 1 Back Treatment will clear the deeper layers of your skin with the help of light therapy and vacuum suction technology which will be generously applied to eliminate bacteria and fungal infection. Your skin will be throughly cleansed exfoliated and detoxified to remove blemishes and impurities. The light therapy also helps to clear up acne, reduce sebum production and reduce the sensitivity of the skin.

Benefits of Omega 2 in 1 Back Treatment
• Deep moisturiser intercellular matrix, soothing and non-stimulative, helps in healing and skin repair.
• Remove or unclog pores and blackheads to prevent inflammation and acne
• Restores skin moisture
• Remove stubborn impurities and sebum
• Reduce redness and inflammation, and help the skin rebalance

Duration: 90mins