Body – MTM Series

What is MTM?

The Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) massage is also known as Bojin Therapy. It is a mix of both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM and Western Medicine to manipulate acupuncture points, meridian, soft tissues and muscles. We use specially selected and crafted buffalo horn tools to unlock knots in deep tissues and muscles in the body. This improves and effectively fibromyalgia, chronic pain and muscle stiffness. MTM massage specifically address meridians, which are the channels in our bodies through life-energy known as Qi flows, working on health complication resulting in blockages. Most will be able to experience a positive effect in the targeted area after the first treatment.

MTM Face Bojin Therapy

Helps with lifting of the face without any surgical or invasive procedure. Ease inflammation skin such as uneven skin tone, acne, pigmentation and redness.

MTM Back Bojin Therapy

Helps with giving your back area brighter glow and it also reduces dark pigmentation.

MTM Buttock Bojin Therapy

Helps with lifting of the buttock, lymphatic drainage will be done and the excess fluid will significantly reduce. Giving you a perky and brighter glowing buttock.

MTM Leg Bojin Therapy

Helps with reduction of soreness, water retention and sliming of calves on legs.

MTM Bust Bojin Therapy

Helps to prevent sagging breast and it firm breast shape. Lymphatic drainage will be performed to drain out toxic and also dissolve fluid like cysts.

MTM Tummy Bojin Therapy

Helps to curb cravings, improves absorption of nutrients, remove toxin and also expel water retention. It also strengthens the reproductive system and tones the muscle.