PDRN Baby Skin Booster – Aqua Vital
Skin pores will be opened through the pressure of the jet wave without destructing the skin surface layer. Through atomisation, the minerals from the serum will penetrate deep into skin layer and nutrients will be absorbed effectively. PDRN is the latest anti-aging and skin healing treatment from South Korea. It has remarkable ability to aid regeneration of skin and tissues. It helps to regenerates and restore the damaged cells caused by aging, ultraviolet rays, and acne scars. In addition, researchers also found that PDRN (salmon DNA) is very safe and compatible in the human body without causing any adverse side effects.

Benefits of PDRN Baby Skin Booster – Aqua Vital
• Intensive moisturise
• Skin tone improvement
• Pore reduction
• Wrinkle reduction
• 1 session = 1000 facial masks

Duration: 90mins