This treatment targets skin that are intensely dehydrated. We will be using both high and low molecular hyaluronic acid which is a powerful reactant, acting like a sponge to retain and also attract the moisture in skin, meanwhile plumps and reduces fine lines.

Best for:

  • Skin types
  • Dehydrated skin


  • Moisturizing & plumping skin
  • Regenerates
  • Heavily hydrating

Omega Nano Hyluronic Booster Treatment

Our Omega Nano Hyaluronic Acid Booster contains skin-replenishing ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and panthenol that goes on skin’s surface to lock in moisture, hydrating it and moisturizing it. It also plumps skin, making the fine lines and wrinkles smoother.

Best for:   Dry skin


  • Hydrating
  • Moisturizing