Love the idea of beautiful, radiant, and glowing skin? Do you think taking care of your skin is an important part of being beautiful? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Ceramique Aesthetics, your trusted group of skin specialists in Singapore. We offer a variety of skin treatments for all sorts of skin types! Whatever your skin type, skin problems, other factors to consider such as sensitivity, irritants, and preferences, we got a perfect skin care products and treatments in store for you. Browse our list of facials and treatments to find the right one for you. On this page, see our treatments and facials promotions for a good bargain on skin treatments you might need to stay fresh and healthy. Check back often to see what other facial promotions and other deals we may offer! Here at Ceramique Aesthetic, we do not just make you look radiant and beautiful, we wish to give affordable services that everyone can avail!

Our CELL REBIRTH MICRO NEEDLING FACIAL improves texture, reduces fine lines and scarring by stimulating collagen production. Combining needling and electroporation to effectively deliver a tailored serum much deeper into the dermis than needling alone.  An effective, non-surgical treatment that boosts collagen production.

The microneedles penetrate skin, triggering our body’s own wound healing response resulting in collagen production which is stronger, and firmer than before.

C3 Reviderm Promo

If a lacklustre complexion is getting you down, try C3 Reviderm, a facial that energises and refreshes skin that is dehydrated and has lost its vitality and radiance due to pollution, a dry environment and a lack of fresh air. High in chlorophyll (which is said to speed up cellular renewal and detoxify the skin), C3 Reviderm leaves your face looking bright, clear, smooth and fresh.

Anti-Imperfect Extraction Facial Promo

Inflamed, oily and uneven textured skin will benefit from the Anti-Imperfect Extraction Facial, which addresses blackheads, pimples and blocked pores. Trained therapists, who specialise in extraction, will help clear your pores of dirt and oil build-up. After the extraction, a custom-blended bubble mask is applied to deeply cleanse your skin, tighten your pores, reduce sebum production, and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The BB Brightening Glow Treatment helps reduce the appearance of freckles and discolouration caused by acne, photo ageing and age spots. The laser treatment penetrates the lower part of the epidermis to target these imperfections while renewing damaged skin and boosting collagen production. It is safe and pain-free, with little to no downtime, and you are left with skin that is bright, even-coloured and rejuvenated.

The Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatment is great for ingrown and unwanted hair, as it destroys hair from beneath the skin. There’s no shaving, plucking or waxing involved, so skin will be silky and smooth, with no unsightly or uncomfortable stubble. SHR technology is said to be more effective than traditional IPL technology as it targets a bigger surface area and removes both fine and coarse hairs. The treatment is also non-invasive and painless, and you can enjoy unlimited shots.

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